20 Random Things About Me

  1. I think the world would be a better place if we all wore name tags.
  2. I believe that, like all forms of art, writing is self-serving.  The result of writing may, eventually, serve an outer purpose, but the act is primarily for one’s own self… an inner purpose.
  3. Whenever I park in a sectioned lot or garage, I always leave the car in B4 – no matter where it’s located. This way, I remember that I parked B4 I left.
  4. I often worry that my TO-DO list will become an obituary for all of my wonderful ideas.
  5. I was born to endure public embarrassment.  To date, I’ve been accused by Walmart of stealing my own underwear, once fallen into a shopping mall fountain, farted quite loudly during an extremely important business meeting and – to this day – tend to leave home fairly often with my jeans unzipped.  But it’s all provided for good cocktail-party stories, and taught me not to take myself so seriously.
  6. I think hate is a far, far more damaging word than fuck.
  7. I love to play with scotch tape.
  8. I believe that plain white undies are the lovechild of insipidity.
  9. Each time I get into a taxi, I fight the urge to shout, QUICK – follow that car!
  10. I am hopelessly in love with unsharpened pencils. All those words waiting to pour out, the eraser yet to be used… no words written, no mistakes identified.  In that moment, anything – any thought, sentence, story – is deliciously possible.
  11. I once crawled over three people in a row of airplane seats to meet Bob Keeshan, a.k.a. Captain Kangaroo.
  12. I have written some of my very best stuff on the backs of cocktail napkins.  The next time I need stationery, I am ordering it in 4×4 inch, two-ply squares.  Napkins are an enticingly absorbent surface for stories and ideas…
  13. Once while visiting the Van Gogh Museum with friends in Amsterdam, I touched Sunflowers. I couldn’t help myself. I was caught and promptly escorted out of the Museum, but this moment remains a high point for me.
  14. I believe that life is far too short to spend it with people you don’t love – or with people who don’t love you.
  15. In my late forties, I arrived at a place where I became entirely unwilling to prove to others anything that I did not need to prove to myself.  This is my own personal definition of success.
  16. I don’t think pitching coaches should be allowed on the mound during game play.
  17. I currently own about 360 plastic windups.
  18. I am shamelessly obsessed, almost to the point of requiring professional support, with Phineas and Ferb.
  19. I never celebrate New Year’s Eve, but adore New Year’s Day. For me, it’s always about beginnings.
  20. Monkeys scare the shit outta me. Don’t ask why, I don’t really know…