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Tales of a Flat Lander

After dinner last night, I sat down and devoured Rebecca Rule’s Live Free and Eat Pie, a light-hearted read about visiting and living in New Hampshire.  I adore Rebecca’s yankee humor and talent for weaving a terrific tale.  Her delightful stories reminded me of our first months in New Hampshire, back nine years ago.  Having such love for this area of New England, it was a dream come true to be moving up from Massachusetts.  It still is, but there were a few potholes and frost heaves along the way during that virgin year.  Here’s a brief synopsis…

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Bottling Happiness

Last month, my desk drawer broke.  The frickin' thing was so packed full of crap that it just wouldn't close, and that one last push did it in. Correction: last month, I broke my desk drawer. The push forced the drawer straight through the back of the desk, spewing its contents all over the office floor.  I stood there, surveying the mess: scattered throughout ...

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Post-it NOT

Over the years, I've learned that I’m great at keeping notes.  I’m just not very good at making them. I make notes of everything.  That way, I don’t need to remember things. Every morning when I sit before my computer, I’m caught like a deer in headlights by the dozens of tiny notes posted along the edges my monitor.  Placed haphazardly in no order of importance and overlapping one another, they frame my screen like a mat around a painting. These notes serve as reminders of what’s to be accomplished: if it’s important, chances are good I’ve posted a note about it on my monitor.

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The Orange Swing

It hung from an impressive tree in front of the house in Bradford, waiting… beckoning. Each summer, my parents would bring us there for a brief reprieve from the madness of city heat. These annual pilgrimages would always commence with a wild sprint from the back seat of our car straight toward that tree, the winner to claim the first, delicious ride on the orange swing.

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Hello world!

Don’t you just love the title of this article?  Assigned to the default post in my Wordpress software, I simply couldn’t delete it: the power of that title tugged at me.  How deliciously apropos.

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