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Just Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear a Tale…

Some tale, all right. Last weekend, I indulged myself (i.e., I wasted two days of my life) by watching a Gilligan’s Island marathon.  A head cold enticed me to camp out on the sofa in my jammies, and spending a few days with the Skipper and his Little Buddy seemed the perfect diversion. Little did I know it would lead to solving one of the most extraordinary, ...

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No Longer Swimming in my own Excuses

The room is tranquil, humid.  Its expanse exaggerates the tiniest of sounds, including the abrupt clack of the door I just opened.  The absence of anyone else evokes a sense of foreboding and, oddly, freedom.   Like most other days over the past few weeks, I remove my glasses and shoes, walk toward the pool’s edge and deliberately march down the steps into the water.  It is cold and pungent.  Instantly sobering.  I begin the rhythmic process of laps. I swim.

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It’s Not all Fun and Games. Not Anymore, at Least

Last week while cleaning out a closet, I uncovered my old Game of LIFE.  I couldn’t resist opening the box and giving that wheel a few spins to help me decide if it's destined for the trash pile.  And it got me thinking…

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