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Autumn Promises

(written last month) thursday's work at my desk demands the whole of my focus when my eye is called toward tall, regal trees that gently lean outside my window reluctantly at first, then deeply bow (more…)

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Awaiting my Reaction

Half chewed, spit-laden sneaker heel side up, poised on the floor before me as I walk in the house. A prize or a punishment? (more…)

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Signs of Things

I've been (very) recently inspired to construct a sign post at the bottom of my driveway to display frequent messages and thoughts for those driving by.  Most months of the year our house is hidden from view by the foliage... from the road, our driveway looks lonely and foreboding.  Why not a sign of life then?

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Creating My Own Mantras

How easy can it get? Write more love letters. Give up toxic people. Look at the stars. Claim your own mistakes. Do work that matters. Each lesson is simple… yet only four words. Such is Four-Word Self Help by Patti Digh. Crammed with simple four-word mantras, each dressed in a vibrant work of art (submitted by her blog readers), this book is a delicious nod ...

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