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52 for 50

Come February, I will be 49: in the fiftieth year of my life. I’m not dreading anything at all about it. But I am pausing for thought. About where I am, what other lessons I'd like to teach myself, and how I want to enter my fifties. Maybe it’s time for a list. But NOT a bucket list.

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Unclogging My Brain

Whenever I watch an old movie with a train scene, I'm always on the lookout for a nun. Because the chances are good there's at least one on that train. I often wonder why this was so. Could it be that nuns were not permitted to move about by plane? Did Amtrak provide discounts for clergy? And are scores of nuns still traveling the tracks, but only harder to spot without their habits? Welcome to my world: this is some of the shit that keeps me up at night.

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