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Unclogging My Brain, Part Duh

If you've read last year's post about Unclogging My Brain, you already know there's a whole lot of crap that keeps me up at night.  Thoughts that pop in my brain, typically arriving in the deep, dark quiet of the night that don't seem to wane even after I get up to write them down.

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From Facebook to Face

In a matter of days, I travel to New York City to visit my friend Elizabeth for the weekend.  Until the very moment she opens her door to me that Friday night, I’ll have never before laid eyes on her nor heard the sound of her voice.

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He’s No George Clooney, But…

... But I love him anyway. Much as you can love an animated super-celebrity, at least.

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Inside the Susie Studio

Ever watched Inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton? In each show, he ends the interview with a series of ten intriguing questions originated by French television personality Bernard Pivot, based on the Proust Questionnaire (Google it yourself, folks... I'm not here today to provide the details). I am passing along Barbara's challenge: answer these 10 questions, share the link in the comments and pass it on.

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The Difficulties of Simplicity

Those who know me well hear me say it all the time: mine is a simple life.  And I like it that way.

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