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A Full Beach Pail for My Birthday

Fifty-two weeks ago, I began a challenge: try something new every week for an entire year.  The goal was to marinate myself in new experiences and remind myself that I'm not too old to try new things.  I wanted to add interest, invite possibilities and take baby steps outside my element to stretch myself on small levels. It started out as a challenge for my upcoming fiftieth birthday (today!), but it turned into something so much more.

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Selling the Canoe

Dear Mr. President; Last month, I was in my friend's car when I looked out the window and saw one of those whacky billboards that display the real-time national deficit. Watching that foolish thing tick away at a rate of $34,000 per second is like watching an oncoming tornado: you’re fucked if you don’t run and find shelter, but you just can’t stop staring at the damned thing.

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What’s Hair Got to Do With It?

Today, I am helping spread the word about pediatric cancer, on behalf of my friend Sheila Quirke and in honor of her daughter, Donna Quirke Hornick.  This post is one of dozens placed throughout the web today to raise awareness as well as funds to fight this cruel beast.

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Calling Blogaholics Anonymous

ME: Hi... Blogaholics Anonymous Hotline? BAH: Yes it is. How can I help with your problem? ME: Well, I don't actually think it's a problem. Really, I shouldn't even be tying up the lines because someone who actually does have a problem could be trying to call you right now - so why don't I just hang up and -

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