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A Life Set Apart

I adore commencement ceremonies. Really, I’m not joking. Too few occasions in life present the opportunity to surround yourself with such enthusiasm and promise. It thrills me to watch these events and see so many faces, all blank slates upon which the world will make its mark over the coming years while they busy themselves with the grand task of making their own mark upon it. At that ceremony, in that moment, anything – everything – is deliciously possible. I gratefully attend these ceremonies whenever I can, for the chance to celebrate their accomplishment, marinate in their joy and envy them their hope.

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Poor Sam…

My husband loves fantasy flicks.  Like most guys, he's a sucker for any film that weaves a tale of things otherworldly or beyond the human realm. If there's a movie out there that depicts superheroes, spaceships, aliens, magic wands, something/someone who flies, enchanted beasts, lasers, armies of warriors battling for good or evil, vampire hunters, the supernatural, living skeletons, massive cockroaches or white wizards, he's more than likely seen it at least once. Or a thousand times. Especially the movies with white wizards.

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This Line, No Waiting

If you’re one of my four or five regular readers, you already know that I’m currently dealing with a wee bit of crap in my life.  As a result, I am doing whatever I can to emotionally stay afloat and maintain a positive spin on things: writing, working, enjoying Spring in New Hampshire, challenging the number of pomegranate martinis I can safely consume while still being able crawl up the stairs to bed… basically, anything that will keep me feeling happy and grateful for what I have in my life. Other than the wee bit of crap, of course.

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