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A Proper Scolding

As a child, I always knew I was in serious trouble whenever I heard my full name booming forth from the kitchen of our house, gaining speed as it echoed down the hallway and bellowing out to our backyard where I stood paralyzed in fear as it washed over me. SSSOOOOOZZENN LOOOOOEEEEEEZZZE RRRIILEEEEE!!!!!!!!! That sound of my mother invoking my middle name set off my internal Shit-O-Meter and left me shaking in my seven-year-old Keds. In some ways it still does… just writing it here made me poop my undies a tiny bit...

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I Swear I’m not Kidding

Last year, when I decided to try 52 things I’d never done before, I made certain that the list included learning to swear in several languages.  Because that's the kind of person I am.  And because if you’re not gonna add that to a list of new things to try, was ist der verdammte punkt?

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