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Not Getting It. At All.

Not too long ago, Cottonelle offered a coupon for a decorative toilet paper holder inside specially marked packages of its (you guessed it) toilet paper. Now, I could completely derail this entire post before it even starts by ranting about how freaking absurd it is that toilet paper manufacturers choose to name their product clean care paper or personal wipes or even bathroom tissue and not what everyone else calls it: TOILET PAPER. But I won’t. Other than the previous sentence. And that one before it.

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Better Off than Four Years Ago

Every fourth Autumn, right about when the leaves turn rich shades of fall colors and there’s a delicious, crisp snap in the air that sends me running for my turtlenecks, a frenzied storm of presidential campaign ads, phone calls, speeches, emails and commentaries arrives that spews myriad promises, proclamations and propositions into that same air, making heads spin and stomachs turn. And inevitably lurking within the very eye of this storm is a simple question that’s posed and pondered time and again by pundits and pub goers alike, no matter the party or platform to which they pledge their allegiance: "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

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