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A Bad Route for Technology

Last week, my husband did something so unthinkable, so mind-boggling, so utterly shocking and so unlike him that, initially, I wondered if it was one of those end-of-world signs like locusts and famines and dogs doing the naughty thing with cats: he purchased a GPS. (Insert scary da-duh-DUM! music here.)

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Meg Ryan and the Aliens

This past year when I turned 50, I started saving for a Lifestyle Lift. Not that I need one - not right now, at least... but somewhere down the road I just know I'll want one. The first time I watched that infomercial, I was hooked. Those women look freaking fanTAStic! I'll bet they have great AFTER stories, but since I always have my TV muted (I can't tolerate the horrifying, paint-peeling, nails-across-a-chalkboard sound that is Debbie Boone singing You Light Up My Life), I've never heard them.

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